Church and Community Action

WISH - Wellbeing Information and Signposting in Herefordshire

If you are in Herefordshire your church can use this free website to publicise your community activities and church services. Once you have registered on https://www.wisherefordshire.org/ you can keep updating your area of the site. The site is free to access by members of the public looking for activities such as lunch clubs, youth groups etc. 

Funeral Poverty - Preventing poverty beyond death

With the cost of the average funeral having risen by 80% in the last 10 years and with so many people on low incomes a funeral can cause severe cash problems. Resorting to pay day loans isn't the best option. Borrowing from family or friends isn't always the answer either.

Church Action on Poverty have issued a useful resource booklet highlighting this problem of funeral poverty. Lichfield Diocese have also produced a worship outline to use on and around All Saints Day.

Suggestions for action from Church Action on Poverty are:

  • Take a collection in support of Church Action on Poverty's work to Close the Gap between rich and poor.
  • Research the cost of funerals and the availability of low cost options from local funeral directors
  • Encourage local credit unions to offer emergency funeral loans - including to non-members if they don't already do so.
  • When bereaved people organise funerals at your church, make sure they know about affordable funerals and alternative credit options.
  • Hold a church service on the theme of debt and funeral poverty.

For more information and to download resources go to:

Parish Nursing: Do you have any nurses in your church? Or are you one yourself?  Do you want to be more involved in holistic care of people in your area? 

Then you might be interested in the concept of Parish nursing.

Parish Nurses build good relationships with other health providers in the area, and with the pastoral team, offering extra help with understanding of medical conditions, risk factors and treatments. This enables the church to reach out to its community in a new way...through health ministry: helping people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy better health, to use the health services more effectively, to manage any chronic conditions they may have, to volunteer to help others, and to pray...sometimes for the first time. More information can be found on www.parishnursing.org.uk