CMD Grants & Study Leave

CMD Grants

CMD Allowance

The Diocese provides an allowance of £125 per year for all licenced clergy to put towards any CMD type conference or training, retreat or spiritual nourishment.  Link to CMD Grant FAQ

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Study Leave Grant

Those undertaking Study Leave can apply for a grant of £600 towards the costs involved. (CMD Grant can be added to this – raising the total to a maximum of £975)  -  see below for Sabbatical (Study Leave information).

Post Graduate Study Grant

Those undertaking post-graduate study (MA, or PhD or equivalent) can apply for grants of £500 per annum for up to 3 years towards the costs involved.

Generally, it would be expected that such study has been discussed and supported in the most recent MDR. Application to the relevant Archdeacon.

Sabbatical / Study Leave Information

Hereford Diocese gives the opportunity to its ordained ministers to apply for a Sabbatical / Study Leave

Why Sabbatical / Study Leave?

This is because refreshment and renewal should be part of the normal cycle of ministry, building on the rhythm of quiet days and annual retreats. Theological learning is a life-long process and the world is changing more rapidly than ever before. Clergy used to work at a pace that allowed time for reflection and study as part of normal ministry. Increased demands have made it difficult to do this, and many readily admit to a lack of time for personal and spiritual nurture.

A block of leave allows a minister to read, research and rest. This benefits the minister (and family) concerned, and the local benefice has the opportunity to grow into new avenues of ministry, and to benefit from the experiences and renewed vision of the returning minister. The Diocese can also be confident that a ministry that is important for the strategic future has been nurtured and renewed.

What does it consist of?

Study Leave comes in two forms:

Full Study Leave: Full Study Leave ('FSL') of three months' duration will be considered for those who have been ordained or licensed for at least ten years (and who have not taken FSL within the past ten years or Shorter Study Leave within the past five years.

Shorter Study Leave: Shorter Study Leave ('SSL') of four weeks' duration will be considered for those who, having again been ordained or licensed for at least ten years, have not taken any form of Study Leave within the past five years.

How do I apply?

Study Leave is often raised at the time of Ministerial Review. Or, it can come from discussions within a Clergy Chapter meeting. Alternatively, it is quite in order for any priest within the Diocese to make a direct application through the Archdeacons.

To take the idea further, the most important next step is to speak to the relevant Archdeacon.

Standard Documents

If you would like to download any of the standard documents about Study Leave, then please right-click on one of the links below, and select 'Save Target As...' You will then be able to save each document to your computer.

Funding Study Leave

The Diocese makes a grant of £600 for authorised Study Leave. Further funds can be sought from grant making bodies. Below are some that make grants for clergy study leave/sabbaticals. (click on the links below to their web information on grants)

Sons of the Clergy

The Cleaver Fund

Saint Georges Trust

St Boniface Trust

Ecclesiastical Ministry Bursary Awards

Some Grant Making Bodies and Sources of Funding       (This comes from the Lichfield CME Office but may still be useful.)

It is sometimes helpful to tailor your application to target the specific terms of the trust, and the criteria set by the trustees.
A number, like EIG or St Boniface, ask for a letter from an Archdeacon or Bishop in support.
Trusts and grant - making bodies are experiencing increasing demands on their resources, so early application is likely to be helpful to you.