The Dogs of A Vicar's Life

Matthew Stafford's dogs

Jet (Mr Nervous)

Hello! My name’s Jet and you’ll see me at Revd Matthew Stafford’s house.

I’m the most affectionate dog around. When I pick up on a mood, if someone’s having a bad day then I throw my paws around them and give them a big lick to make them feel better.

Going out for walks is my biggest challenger, I’m so nervous about meeting other dogs that I go to pieces if another four-legged waggy tail comes over to see if I want to play.

Matthew and the rest of his family found me at the Dogs Trust when I was looking for a new home and I’m just so happy they chose me to come and live with them.

They didn’t bargain on me being the biggest trip hazard around though, I just got so excited as a pup! Poor Matthew fell over me and broke his hip – quite a day in the house with lots of noise, mostly from Matthew as he lay on the floor, but I did get to meet the nice ambulance people.

Luckily being a vicar, Matthew is the forgiving sort and I was able to administer some of my famous loving licks to mend our relationship.

Charlie (Mrs Greedy)

Hi! My name’s Charlie and I live with Jet at Revd Matthew Stafford’s house.

I’m definitely the boss dog – just ignore whatever that Jet says.

Food is my reason for living, Matthew calls me the gobbler. One Good Friday I sneaked into his study because I got a whiff of something lovely, managed to prise open some Tupperware and eat 24 hot cross buns – delicious!

Matthew wasn’t pleased though, and I started to feel quite poorly. He took me to the vet and they made me sick on purpose – the cheek of it! Apparently I hadn’t even bothered to chew them but honestly I can’t see a problem with this – they were just so yummy.

The best bit about the filming was the lovely crew would bring bags with them, with food tucked inside. They were unaccustomed to the anti-Charlie food security steps taken here and so I was able to snaffle a couple of things when they weren’t looking.

I’m keeping all my paws crossed for a series 2 so they can bring their sweet treats back!

Nicholas Lowton's Dogs

Canning (Mr Loony)

Hi I’m Canning and I’m 11 years old, which in doggie years is quite mature – but you’d never have guessed that.

When we had the snow during the filming of A Vicar’s Life I absolutely loved it – leaping around in it. Please can we have some more so I can go and play again?

I just love being off in the distance whenever we’re out for a walk, so if you see me with Nicholas and Pelham, I’m always the adventurous one who’s off checking the edges of the field for interesting smells.

When Nicholas took us on holiday to the Welsh coast, I absolutely loved the beach. My favourite activity was playing fetch in the waves, except as I’m really rather smart I waited each time for a wave to bring me back in to the shore.

Pelham (Mr Collector)

Hi I’m Pelham and I live with Nicholas and my doggie brother Pelham. I just love to roll in disgusting things!

Although I’m 7 now I’m not showing any signs of growing up - when I’m not rolling in something smelly then I’m indulging in a good forage. I love finding things to carry around.

I’m not at all fussy in my collections either. I’ll pick up all sorts of things when we go for a stretch whether it’s gigantic logs, gloves people have dropped or whatever else I find. If you’ve lost anything I’m your dog!

In fact I’m not at all shy, I’ve even picked up something rather unmentionable from the lane which was apparently forgotten by someone – but you’ll have to ask Nicholas about that, as I’ve my reputation to uphold!

Matthew Cashmore's dogs

Sophie (Miss Shy)

Hello my name’s Sophie and I’m an RSPCA rescue dog.

When I arrived at the kennels as one of a litter of puppies, I was originally named Rich Tea because the staff called us after the contents of their break time biscuit barrel. I fared better than my brother whose first name was Custard Cream!

It’s my job to take care of the Curatage when we live – I enjoy the odd bark to ward off anyone who’s walking past. In fact I do such a good job of it that people often think a much fiercer dog lives here!

When I’m really happy or if I’m not quite sure what’s going on then I’ll wrinkle up my lips and huff a bit – my family call this my smiling. You’re most likely to see this when I’ve got one of my soft toys in my mouth.

My ideal day would involve a short stroll, followed by napping outside in the garden in a nice warm sunny spot, followed by a potter to the pub to lie by the fire. If the odd chest rub was thrown in then I’d probably say it was the best day ever!

Dora (Miss Affectionate)

Hi! My name’s Dora and I live with my doggie sister Sophie at Father Matthew’s House. I also live with a cat Abby – who’s convinced she’s a dog, but that’s another story!

Probably my single most never living it down moment was the time when I was living at Ripon College Cuddeson, the theological college where Matthew was training and I went to help pick up something small and furry off the ground.

I was only trying to help but it turns out it was a Guinea Pig, which belonged to one of the neighbours…and that Guinea Pigs don’t like a lifts in Labrador mouths. Well who could know this?

Anyway, there was quite a lot of excitement, with thoughts of trying to resuscitate it but it was no use. I was well and truly in the doghouse for the rest of our time there.

Despite this injustice, I’m the most loving dog you’ll meet. I always seem to know when I need to be extra specially gentle and cuddly to someone visiting the house.