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Liturgy Resources


Worship Resources from the Arthur Rank Centre (ARC) website:


Candlemas - 40 days after Christmas - celebrates the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, and falls on 2nd February.

There are links on the ARC website to a couple of resources for Candlemas:

A Candlemas Family Service, and a series of Prayers & Collects

The Leaders of Worship & Preachers Trust (LWPT) website has some useful background & biblical reflections on Candlemas (click here to reach this).


On the ARC website there is a collection of Lent (and Easter) material & customs from the Eastern Orthodox tradition



Women's World Day of Prayer

This falls on the first Sunday in March.. The purpose of this day is to unite women from all Christians traditions across the world in prayer; given that the majority of women in the world are found in rural areas, this day has an obviously 'rural' flavour.

From the ARC website, you can download Information & a Prayer for use on the day itself - a Word version or a pdf version.

Mother's Day/Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday falls on the 4th Sunday in Lent.

A Mothering Sunday Service can be downloaded from the ARC website - a Word version or a .pdf version.


Clypping is the revival of an older church occasion on which the "church was embraced" and has led to a form of service where the church & community can be jointly affirmed. It has been celebrated, variously, on 2nd February and on Mothering Sunday - but need not be tied to either.

A Clypping Service - including explanation & background - can be downloaded from the ARC website, as well as a hymn suitable for the occasion.

If any of the web links don't work, all this information is accessible from the front page of the ARC website - click on "Find Rural Worship Resources Here"

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